Sunday, December 30, 2012

In Memoriam - Kevin Fankhanel

The following was read at our 2012 GoodHearts Foundation Dinner:

We would like to take a few moments to remember those we have lost this past year. One of the most difficult aspects about working in the transplant community is the fact that we sometimes lose good people too soon. We especially want to remember Kevin Fankhanel.

Kevin passed away in the spring of this year. He was one of the founding members of GoodHearts. One of the first to join the board, he was a very active member and director. Kevin served as vice-president, chair of the transplant housing committee and editor of the newsletter.

Kevin spearheaded the GoodHearts cookbook project. The book was published and delivered to his home shortly before Kevin was hospitalized in February.

He was especially proud of the cookbook, just as he was of the progress the transplant support group had made during the past five years. Kevin was always keen to volunteer, whether it was to help with the Patient Education Day, the Candlelight Service, this dinner, and raising organ and tissue donor awareness.

Kevin is remembered as a friend, founder and supporter of GoodHearts. He is greatly missed.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Testimonial - Faith

The following was read at our 2012 GoodHearts Foundation Dinner:

A friend of mine arrived from Manitoba to receive a new heart, and his wife and girls needed to be close to the Mazankowski Centre and we struggled to find appropriate accommodations.

As it turned out, she was the first heart transplant family member to rent one of your apartments and akthough her stay was brief, it was wonderful to have this opportunity.

My friend, the heart recipient, had too many other problems and the amazing heart he received wasn’t enough to make him better, and he passed away.

I wanted your organization to know that in the midst of all our sorrow and grief, it was such a bright spot to have connected with GoodHearts, and to know what a great need you are filling with the two apartments you have. I believe that unless you are in such a situation, you have no idea what families are facing in such times of stress and worry about a loved one, so knowing that you can provide a comfortable place to go to that is only moments away from your loved one’s bedside is a tru blessing.

Thank you for the good work hat you do. I have passed on this story to everyone as I talk about this experience with friends and family. And I will tell people about your organization should I ever see someone needing this help.

- Excerpt from a letter from Faith, of Fort Saskatchewan